Sunday, 18 February 2018

Speed Clinic Program


All participants are assessed irrespective of their current level of skill. The Speed Clinic coach will observe the athlete’s warm-up, and assess movement, co-ordination, strengths, weaknesses and body composition.



The Speed Clinic coach will then make modifications and suggestions to the athlete in respect to warm-up routine, strength and conditioning exercises and running drills through a tailored program. Programs focus on improving the athlete’s physical condition, as well as providing specific corrections to mechanical movements to increase running/sprinting efficiency and output, whilst lowering the risk of injury.



All athletes that participate in the program will be tested and the beginning and at the end of each training block (10 weeks) and all results will be recorded so progress can be monitored and altered if required. 

The by product of these new strength levels, coordinated movements and proper mechanics will result in significant increases in speeds for novice to intermediate athletes and noticed improvements in the highly advanced athletes. Other benefits include consolidation of exercises, movement and greater balance and coordination. 



Speed Clinic does not go down the path of “Sports Specific”, Speed Clinic builds athletes. Speed Clinic provides all athletes with the fundamental athletic foundations to give them a broad and strong base for them to be able to be successful at their chosen sports. Each sport will have a base line program to work from, with variations to each program according to individuals specific needs.

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