Sunday, 18 February 2018

Masters Speed School

Designed for the over 35 athlete, Masters Speed School provides an environment with less volume and greater recovery for the older athlete. If you are a first time Masters Athlete, or long established athlete looking for something a bit different, then Master Speed School will help.

With success in preparing numerous athletes for differing disciplines, the experienced coaching of Masters Speed School will ensure you are at your best for your event.

Senior Speed School

This program is patterned after the training philosophy of Speed Clinic Founder and Director Shane McKenzie. This program, with an emphasis on improving SPEED, AGILITY, POWER AND STAMINA, is designed to improve the athleticism of the advanced junior athlete with a busy schedule. This format allows dedicated athletes to do sport-specific training with their school or club sport coaches in conjunction with quality performance training at Speed Clinic. This package is perfect for the athlete trying to peak for his or her sport season.


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